September 17th, 2002 at Kirbys Cove
A year has passed since Sandy lost the battle with breast cancer. There was no funeral for Sandy because she wanted
everyone to celebrate life and not to mourn. On September 17th 2002 there was no memorial organized in her behalf
because she would not have wanted that. I couldn't, however, stay at work and be remorseful all day thinking about Sandy. I felt that I needed to take some kind of action.

I set out to see if I could visit the nearest land site to where her ashes were scattered at sea. I did not know if my trip would be successful or not. I checked the Internet and could not find roads but did see trails that might lead me to the closest point. I estimated that I would have a hike of about five miles with no guarantee that I could arrive on a nearby beach.

I gathered my things and set off with fifteen roses; one for each year since I met her. I crossed the Golden Gate at about 2:00 PM on September 17th, 2002. I found a road that took me west toward the Marin Headlands and soon found myself overlooking the Straights of San Francisco. The photo above was taken from one of my frequent stops.

I soon found a view point that had an access road to the beach. Although the road was closed to traffic I could easily descend to the beach below that overlooked Kirbys Cove. That is the place where her ashes were scattered.

The view during the walk to the beach was breathtaking. One could see a 180 degree view overlooking the bridge, the city and the straights. (continued on the next page)